SundaySound #38 – 失翼の聖域 (Shitsuyoku no Seiiki)

Immer wieder sonntags *sing*
(That’s a line from an old German pop song by Cindy & Bert)


Last Thursday Mimi talked about the life as a nerd here on „Mein Senf für die Welt“. She talked about Manga and Anime. Because of this I thought it’s time for a japanese song again.

I like the video and the song sounds so great but my Japanese isn’t well enough that I could understand the lyrics. So I asked a friend of mine from Japan. She explained me:

The title of this song,“shitsuyoku no seiiki“ means „sanctuary without wings“. A little strange title, but i’ve got it after I know all lyrics. It says „for me, you’re the light in despair „. Did you see it? Sanctuary is „you“, maybe his lover. Holy and safety. „No wings“ means despair.

Thanks a lot for this, Norika!!!


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