SundaySound #19 – The Last Goodbye

Immer wieder sonntags *sing*
(That’s a line from an old German pop song by Cindy & Bert)

I can’t believe that this is already the 19th SundaySound. Already 19 weeks have gone.

SundaySoundAnd the year is drawing to an end, too.
Many things have ended, others just begun. Maybe we have lost friends, but I’m sure we also have found new ones.

So for the old year, for 2014, I have a last Goodbye. We shouldn’t forget what 2014 has brought us, but we also should look forward to 2015.

Prentice Mulford said

Wir sind die Summe unserer Erfahrungen.
= We are the sum of our experiences.

I think there is something to it.


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