SundaySound #04 – The chosen ones

Immer wieder sonntags *sing*
SundaySound(That’s a line from an old German pop song by Cindy & Bert)

This time I’ve got at last some metal for you. I love metal. This music is so awesome.
And some time ago I found this band and their song at Youtube. By accident. Nice discovery. 

Today I choose Dream Evil – The chosen ones. You get it?! Choose – Dream Evil – The chosen ones?! *badummtzz* >.<
Sorry, I like bad jokes :D

The video is taken from „World of Warcraft“ I think. I liked Warcraft III and I would like WoW, but it is too expensive for me. Anyway the video is really well done!


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Rock on \m/


Thanks to PoiSonPaiNter and Simon for proofreading.
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