Montagsfrage: Merchandise? || Question of Monday

Lies auf Deutsch.


I have the day off :)
And yes, I know, it’s Tuesday again, but yesterday was our analog-evening. That means no PCs, no TV, no tablets or cell phones.

Yesterday, the Buchfresserchen asked:

Do you have merchandise for certain book series, eg. bookmarks, cups, art prints, etc.?

Yes, for Harry Potter and for various mangas – that comes to mind spontaneously.

I really love Funko Pops and these manga figurines.
Besides, I’m a proud Ravenclaw. I have t-shirts and socks with Harry Potter theme, a few funkos are on my wish list.

I have a few figurines from Blue Exorcist and a cup from Soul Eater. There is certainly more that I have, because I really like this kind of knick-knacks :D


Hat dir mein Beitrag gefallen?
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du ihn teilst:

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  1. Ping von dragondaniela:

    Bei mir gibts das meiste Merch auch zu Harry Potter. Aber gut ich bin ja auch Harry Potter LARPer, da holt man sich dafür öfters mal was.

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